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Gourmet Meals or Ready Hearts?

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It seems to my husband Jeff and I that many people live insular lives in today’s world. Family is a little island where accessibility is limited and if someone were to drop by their home out of the blue, it would be considered shockingly rude.

Early on in our marriage, we desired something different for our home. We always wanted our friends to feel they could come by any time. Never has this been more true for us than when we took on a College and Career Sunday School class!

We have learned a lot about hospitality from hosting this age group, believe me. It’s incredibly motivating for me as a homemaker to know at any time we may receive a text message — “What are y’all doing tonight?” Or sometimes, “What r u doin tonite?” No time for panicked cleaning then! Obviously this means guests sometimes get treated to dirty dishes on the counter or laundry on the couch. I’m not perfect, so I don’t have to pretend to be. I just try harder to keep up with the daily household chores in order that our home might always be presentable.

Food is my favorite part of hospitality. I love cooking for the group, though I’ve certainly had some humbling experiences. One night I had to give someone a frozen dinner. Trust me, it was difficult for me to do. The important thing is not that our home is a showplace (it’s not) or that I always have gourmet meals ready (I don’t), but that our hearts and our home are ready “instant, in season and out of season” to receive friends. Whether it’s a college student with a broken heart, friends coming for dinner, or guys to play video games, we want to be ready to receive them with the love of Jesus. Here’s a quote from a great blog by Lydia Brownback, “But, primarily, every time we open our homes and hearts to someone in need, it is Jesus we are serving.”

Jeni Pittard
I’m a homeschooling mom who would much rather be cooking than scrubbing the tub, and reading a good book rather than anything! My husband Jeff is my best friend, and we’re blessed with three little ones, Kaity (10), Joe (7), and Selah (18 months).  I have two blogs that serve as an outlet for two of my passions: family ( and food (! It’s my prayer that each of these “virtual scrapbooks” reflects the calling of hospitality God has placed  in my life. I desire my home to be a place that wordlessly tells others it is the dwelling place of God Almighty, because He dwells within me. I desire my home to simply reflect the welcoming spirit, love and joy that dwell in my heart every day through Jesus Christ.


Thank you to today's guest blogger for sharing with us all!

Encouraged? Share this post...


Thank you to today's guest blogger for sharing with us all!

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