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Life Singleness

Lonely Holidays, Happy Holidays

With the holiday season can come lonely times for single-again adults. It does not matter if you are widowed or divorced, the loneliness is the same. It can create an emotional roller coaster for the one who is facing another evening alone. Others are rushing around …

Life Singleness

Love, God

On Tuesday a moving post on the importance of waiting on God was shared by a reader. It wasn’t  long before I began receiving requests for the ‘letter from God’ the author spoke of receiving at youth camp. Today our writer is sharing this beautiful …

Life Singleness

Real Live Women of Faith

Every Christian woman knows someone who is an example of a godly and gracious woman. Some times that special woman is in the church, or perhaps has been a friend of the family for years. No matter how you are acquainted, she stands out as …