Valentine’s Game: Getting to Know You

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Husband presenting red heart shaped box of Valentine Day's chocolates to wife

Every month we meet with five other couples for supper in one another’s homes.  This Supper Club has been meeting together for years, and we know one another quite well.  Or do we?

My husband and I host the Supper Club every year in February, and we enjoy preparing a Valentine’s quiz for our friends each year.  The laughter—and even tears—around the table have drawn us closer as friends.

Husband and wife each answer the questions on their own, and then we go around the table one question at a time, sharing our answers aloud.  Couples who have the same answer get a point and the couple with the most points “wins.”  The second section (Things I want to say….) doesn’t earn a couple points toward the game, but everyone still feels like a winner as couples are drawn closer to one another through reflecting on happy memories and sharing expressions of love for one another publicly.  You can read our quiz from two years ago here.   Last year, we asked couples to answer the following questions:

If I recall right….

My first date with my spouse was to………?

I was first attracted to my spouse when……?   Extra Credit…Where?

The strangest thing we ever did together was….?

We named our first child (their name) because…….?

Wives: The most romantic thing my husband has ever done is…..?

Husbands: The most romantic thing I’ve ever done for my wife is….?

What is the thing we have most in common?


Things I want to say….

If I could relive one thing (experience, time together, vacation…etc.) with my spouse and had to relive it exactly as it happened the first time around I would relive……

I don’t think I have expressed enough appreciation to my spouse for…..

Lately, my spouse has blessed me by…….

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