Valentine’s Party Newlywed Game

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After dinner, hand each guest a pen and a copy of this Newlywed Game quiz.  Each person will fill out the quiz privately, without consulting with his or her spouse.

Everyone answers each question in the Turnabout and History sections.  Husbands answer truthfully for their questions, and then guess what their wife will answer for her questions.  Wives do the same, answering their own questions truthfully and guessing what their husbands will say.  In the Sentiment section, answer only the questions directed to you.  No points are scored for the Sentiment section (aside from the “points” you may score with your spouse if he likes your answer!)

After everyone has had 10 minutes to fill out their answers, go around the table, allowing each couple to share their answers to the first question.  The couple gets a point for each question that they have the same answer for.  Continue answering the questions one at a time, allowing each couple to share their answers with the group.  The couple with the most points at the end of the game wins!


What place would my husband like to go for a romantic vacation?

My wife’s  favorite sport to watch on TV is?

When my husband cooks the best thing he makes is…?

If money were no issue…What car/vehicle would my wife like to own and drive?


I knew my wife was the woman for me when….?

I knew my husband was the man for me when….?

My wife would say the best vacation we ever took together was…? (answer cannot be your honeymoon)

My husband would say the worst vacation we ever took together was…?

My husband would say the best gift I ever gave him was…?   (answer cannot be your kids)

My wife would say the worst gift I ever gave her was….?


What he / she doesn’t know (answer the 2 questions that are directed to you)

The best thing about my husband is______________

My wife doesn’t even appreciate how good she is at__________

My husband doesn’t know how much_______________

My wife doesn’t know how much__________________

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