The Love Boat

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An ocean-side drama in the 1970’s that promised love, humor, and thrilling romance if only you would board the Love Boat and give up all your boundaries. The Love Boat promised a hot love experience and if that was only a one night fling… the next night you could have another Love Boat love. What happens on the Love Boat…

What the Love Boat promised and what it actually delivered were two different things.

What our generation actually found on board the Love Boat was emotional pain, spiritual separation from God, relentless haunting memories, diseases that never leave, children with no fathers, excruciating heartache, and a sin-sick soul.

(If video introduction of The Love Boat is not visible, view here.)

We have a revised, more truthful version sung to the same melody is:

The Lie Boat

Love… Exciting and new
With God’s Plan
It has real gifts for you
Love with commitment is sweet.
No love is free.

Lie Boat says love is easy and free.
Lie Boat leads to a dead end street.
Set a course with the Lord,
Your mind on following His plan.

Free love is a siren song,
Set on a hellish shore.
God’s love is an oasis,
Set in His Wellspring world.

Cheryl Moeller is a Christian author, conference speaker, syndicated humor columnist, homemaker, cookbook writer, and blogger. Married for 33 ½ years to Robert, they have 6 children, 1 daughter-in-law, and 1 very handsome grandson. Visit her blogs: MomLaughs, WritingMentor, and For Better For Worse For Keeps Ministries.

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About Cheryl Moeller

Cheryl Moeller has been married to her best friend Bob for 30 years. They are the parents of six children, one son-in-law, and three lively dogs. She uses her over-the-counter-top stand up comedy at women's groups and retreats, prays like it's her full-time job, writes a syndicated humor column, blogs about life with lots of kids at, and authors books such as Keep Courting: 100 Ways to Keep Courting After Marriage (purchase on their website) and Marriage Miracle (Harvest House 2010). Bob and Cheryl's passion is to connect two hearts for a lifetime. They have co-founded For Better For Worse For Keeps Ministries

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