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Tender Mercies

My dad was killed in a motorcycle accident in August 2011. Witnesses could not tell why he lost control of his motorcycle on a smooth stretch of highway in Northern California, not far from the Oregon border. Nothing could have prepared me for that horrible …

About Molly Evert

Writer Molly Evert is a wife and homeschooling mom to 6 kids, who range in age from 2 to 18. She runs an educational website, My Audio School (, providing access to the best in children's audio literature. She also blogs at CounterCultural Mom ( and CounterCultural School (

Forever, O Lord

          In November we are focusing our posts on Jesus Is Faithful & True. If you have been blessed and encouraged by this post, feel free to forward as an email or share on Facebook or Twitter. About Lori LauthWriter Lori …

About Lori Lauth

Writer Lori Lauth is a stay-at-home mother of three children. She has been married 17 years. Before motherhood, Lori was a successful career woman. She mentors, teaches, and encourages ladies in her community.

Pointing Out Pictures in the Clouds

I love clouds. We’ve lived in Toronto, in New York State, in Southern California and in Manitoba. We have traveled through most of the United States, a little in Mexico and I have been to Europe. Compared to all the places I have lived or …

About Carla Anne Coroy

Carla Anne can be described in one word: passionate. After just a few minutes with her it is evident that her biggest passion is people. Carla Anne is an accomplished Christian author, speaker and business woman. Her favourite way to spend her free time is hanging out with her 8 kids (an even mix of sons, daughters, and in-laws) and many family “add-ons”. In winter you can find her cheering for her local hockey team and in summer she’ll be on the beach!

Life in the Whirlwind

This year has been a season of change for my family. Our family has grown by two daughter-in-laws, we have moved from where we lived for twelve years to start ministry at a new church field, traveled internationally and found out I will be a …

About Page Hughes

Page Hughes is a Jesus loving party girl who is always ready to have fun! She has been married to Dr. Les Hughes for almost 40 years and they reside in Alabaster, Alabama. Les and Page have been blessed with 4 amazing children and 11 fabulous grand children who are the source of many great illustrations. Page loves people well through ministering to their hurts, cooking delicious meals, and partying with the purpose of leading others to a deeper relationship with Jesus. Page’s goal in life is to go to heaven when she dies and take as many people as she can with her.

November: Jesus is Faithful & True

 “Your love O, Lord, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies.” Psalm 119:90 A wise mentor once asked me when I was overcome with worry, “Kellie, was He faithful yesterday? He will be faithful today and tomorrow too.” It’s not that I forget …

About Kellie Renfroe

Kellie and her husband Greg have been married 32 years and have four children ranging in age from 18 to 28. She co-founded Mentoring Moments for Christian Women in 2005. Kellie is a homeschooling mom who enjoys reading, studying the Bible, writing, photography, and learning how to cook.

Accepting God’s Will

My Father, if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me. Yet not as I will, but as you will (Matt. 26:39). Read: Matthew 26:36-46 After weeks of serious illness, tests, and hospitalization, the doctors still were baffled at what was wrong with …

About Lydia Harris

Lydia E. Harris is happily married to Milt, her sweetheart for 48 years. She has two married children, five grandkids, and is the author of a Bible study, "Preparing My Heart for Grandparenting" (AMG Publishers, 2010 release). She's also a tea enthusiast and writes the column "A Cup of Tea with Lydia."

Jesus Is…Healer

  About Lori LauthWriter Lori Lauth is a stay-at-home mother of three children. She has been married 17 years. Before motherhood, Lori was a successful career woman. She mentors, teaches, and encourages ladies in her community.Mail | Web | More Posts(18)

About Lori Lauth

Writer Lori Lauth is a stay-at-home mother of three children. She has been married 17 years. Before motherhood, Lori was a successful career woman. She mentors, teaches, and encourages ladies in her community.

When God Allows Pain

Have you ever poured liquid into a container just to have it run out again? To your dismay there was a crack in the container. It wouldn’t have mattered how much you poured in because it would have assuredly drained out again. You had a …

About Kelly Stigliano

Kelly J. Stigliano has been writing and speaking for over 3 decades. She and Jerry have celebrated more than 30 wedding anniversaries together—all proof of God’s redemptive power! Kelly made bad choices for years and shares the lessons she’s learned along the way, hoping to keep others from making the same mistakes. Because no one benefits when we wear masks, she tries to stay transparent. “Everyone has skeletons in their closets, but my closets don’t have doors on them!” To read some articles I’ve had published, hear about God’s story in my life from the “UNSHACKLED!” radio program or the Focus on the Family broadcasts, see my book, Praying for Murder, Receiving Mercy: From At-Risk to At Peace; My Journey from Fear to Freedom or explore the anthologies I’ve contributed to, please visit my website,

Strength in Weakness

We hear that God is Jehovah Raphe, the Healer. But what about when we, or someone we love, is not healed? When it seems that the number of our days is unfairly less and we are robbed of significant moments that our contemporaries take for …

About Ann Stewart

Ann just won the Christy Award for Best Debut Novel of 2017 with Stars in the Grass, originated AMG’s Preparing My Heart series, and writes “Ann’s Lovin’ Ewe” for The Country Register. When she's not writing, she's waving her arms directing musicals, teaching middle schoolers, or watching UVA Basketball, This is Us, or Madam Secretary. In her free time she hangs out with her husband, raising two lovely daughters and a whole flock of fuzzy sheep on Skye Moor Farm, in Virginia--where unscripted drama provides plenty of entertaining material.

No More Shame

Our dog has this habit of walking with her head down. Sometimes she even approaches you, cowers, and tucks her tail between her legs. Do you do the same—with others and with God? Do your struggles—past and present—make you feel humiliated, worn down, guilty, and …

About Daphne Tarango

Daphne Tarango is a freelance writer who comforts others with the comfort she has received from God. Daphne is a recovery speaker and writers’ group president. She has published numerous inspirational articles in print and online magazines. She has three stories in the inspirational collection, Women of the Secret Place, published by Ambassador International. Daphne is married to Luis and in the past year, has resigned from corporate life to take a position as a stay-at-home mom of three adopted children. To connect with Daphne, visit her blog: