Living by a Promise

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Living by a promise–all of us live by a promise of one kind or another. We live on the giving and receiving ends of promises. Bride and groom stand before an altar and promise one another faithfulness until death parts them. A father promises a bike to his child at a certain age. We promise ourselves that we are going to do better next month.

We all know promises can be broken. Just ask someone who’s been hurt; it can be heavy stuff. It happens all the time. But I know a Promise Maker who kept  His promises yesterday, will be true today, and will fulfill them tomorrow.

At His Ascension, Jesus promised the disciples He would send the Spirit. At Pentecost, Jesus kept His promise, and things have never been the same since. The promise of His Spirit is a promise of life to those who would otherwise be dead. We are disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ living by the promise.

God made it clear to us that He does what He promises. He guarantees the promise of forgiveness of our sins by surrendering His Son to suffer our death so we could escape and live. He holds out the promise of eternal life before us so we can know our future. We push forward because we know, by His promise, that the journey ahead is not futile.

Each time we gather to worship and sing God’s praises we are being reminded of the promise God has given us through His Son Jesus Christ. When the way seems difficult or impossible, God plants Himself in front of us with the promise of the Gospel. He promises something greater than happiness. He gives a deep joy that endures. He promises morning after the darkest of night. He promises a song in the night. And that He can pardon the deepest shame.

Easter to me is a promise that God renews each spring. A promise that we will always have Him with us. Like the flower that blooms so brightly and the birds that sweetly sing, we will always receive His tender care. The stories and symbols of Easter comes to us in many forms to inspire our hearts with the blessed promise of new life. The empty tomb, the resurrection story, the beauty of the Easter lily, the budding flowers and trees–all signs and symbols of the joy of Easter raising our spirits with the promise of new life.

Easter’s hope also comes with the dawn of each new day. Today is a brand new day; it lies before us, filled with hope.

Lord, may Your promise live anew in my heart this day. May I know the grace, love, victory, joy, and hope of Easter in my heart in a special way this week. Thank You for rising from the grave from me. Thank You for living for me. In Jesus’  strong name, Amen!

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About Jackie Henry

Writer Jackie Henry is the founder and director of the “Teacup Widow’s Ministry,” a ministry designed to bless, encourage and empower widows. Jackie was a widow for nine years when she met and married Rev. Larry K. Henry, who is an ordained minister in the Church of God. Jackie has served as the director of Women’s Ministries at the Lawrenceville Church of God for 14 years. She has been employed by North Ga. Church of God Executive Office for 17 years. Jackie and Larry have been appointed as pastors of the Dahlonega Church of God At Mercy Hill. Jackie has learned that God’s Word will mix with life’s experiences to create the wisdom that is needed for living. Her love for God has given her a winning combination.

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