In His Presence #15: Sovereign God

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This morning, I put three paper cups upside down on the breakfast table and labeled them 1 through 3.  Before the kids arrived to eat, I placed three small sweet treats under the cups (a Hershey’s Kiss, a marshmallow, and a pack of Sweet Tarts). I asked them each to pick a cup and reveal their treat.  We then uncovered the final cup.  I asked them if it would have been easier if I had uncovered the candy and just let them pick the one that they liked best.  They agreed that if they knew what was under the cups, they could easily see which one they would like best.

I asked them what they thought the word sovereign meant.  They weren’t sure.  I wrote the word out on a piece of paper and told them to look for a hidden word within the whole word that would give them a hint.  My son picked out the word reign.  They remembered it had something to do with a king–one who reigns.  I told them that a king is in charge of his kingdom and that sovereign means in charge.  I told them that God is sovereign; He is in charge of everything from the tiny ant to the largest planet.

Now back to the cups.  We had established that it would be easier to know which cup had the treat that was best for us.  “You know what,” I told them, “God already has that knowledge–whether it’s what friends are best for us to hang around, life decisions, the music we listen to, etc.”  He knows what is best for us.  We can decide what we think is best, but it’s so much better to let Him reveal to us what really is His best for us! He’s in charge.  God sees the big picture.

How can we know what His best is?  The simple answer:  read the Bible and pray.  God often speaks to us using those resources. What a great lesson for our children to learn and what a great reminder for us too.  I heard Lou Giglio say this weekend at Passion in Atlanta (I streamed it), that we can do a lot of things on our own because we really can come up with some good, well-meaning ideas.  But, if the power of the Holy Spirit isn’t present and God hasn’t anointed that idea, then we won’t change the world.  How true!  I have lots of great ideas and often get excited before I even stop to consult God.  I’ve spun my wheels and wasted so much time doing it this way!  I read just this week somewhere that, “prayer is a huge time saver.”  Yep!  I can attest.

Save yourself some time by making time to pray.  Consult with Sovereign God.  You’ll be so glad you did!  Can’t wait to hear all about it.   Link up today to share and encourage each other!

Kathy Hutto is a wife, homeschooling mother, entrepreneur and author. You can visit her online at

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About Kathy Hutto

Kathy Hutto is a wife, homeschooling mother, entrepreneur and author. You can visit her online at

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Kathy Hutto

Kathy Hutto is a wife, homeschooling mother, entrepreneur and author. You can visit her online at

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