How to Make a Mr. Turkey Door

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How to Make a Mr. Turkey front door.

Hello Mr. Turkey, how are you?

Today I would like to share a family favorite Thanksgiving decoration, our turkey front door. Let me show you how to make a Mr. Turkey front door for your family too!

How to Make a Mr. Turkey Door

Four colors of poster board
Brown bulletin board paper
Red construction paper
Orange construction paper
Black construction paper
Two small dessert-size paper plates
Masking tape

This can be made for any size door even if you do not have a semi-circle window on top. I found the semi-circle window to be very helpful with measuring the feathers.

I made two feathers from each board, freehanding the shape of the feathers.

For the body of the turkey, I used bulletin board paper found at a school supply store. For the top of the head above the window, I made a semi-circle shape. The feathers will attach to the back of the head as well as the top frame of the window.

I used the back of small dessert plates for the eyes with black construction paper for the pupils. The beak is a triangle from orange construction paper. The wattle of the turkey (that red thing that hangs down) is red construction paper, drawn by hand. The feet are freehand as well from orange construction paper.

After you have all of Mr. Turkey’s pieces cut out, you are ready to assemble.

Start with the body and the face.
Next, tape the top of the head above the door.
When taping your feathers up, start with the middle one and work your way down each side. This helps with keeping them even.

Don’t forget to give your turkey a name. Ours is Tom. I know it’s not very original, but its fun when the kids say hi to him when we are coming and going.

How to make a Mr. Turkey front door.

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  1. Magda LeBel says:

    Thanks for sharing. This is so cute.


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