A Thankfulness Tree

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With Thanksgiving right around the corner,  you may be looking for an easy way to express gratitude together as a family while beginning a tradition that will be enjoyed for years to come. I’ve got just the idea for you.

A Thankfulness Tree

A Thankfulness Tree

I used butcher paper. We have a big roll of it from Sam’s that we use all the time. You could use banner paper or even bulletin board paper. I used brown and white paint. I added a short verse to the trunk. You could write verses about thankfulness on the branches, the tree trunk, or include some on the leaves.

The leaves are cut out of construction paper. You can buy a bag of much more authentic-looking leaves at the local dollar store at this time. We keep a marker close by to easily record thoughts of thankfulness on the leaves. Tape or double-sided scrapbooking tape runner is kept right there by the tree, easily accessible, ready to adhere the leaves of gratefulness onto the tree.

Hang on your pantry door or wall space where it’s conveniently located. Mine is on our pantry door. A Thankfulness Tree

Ideas for using a Thankfulness Tree.

• Have family devotions with the theme of thankfulness in the days leading up to Thanksgiving. I have 21 Thankfulness verses already written out for you HERE.  Use one a day, discuss its meaning, discuss together your gratefulness and add leaves to your tree.

• Friends dropping by–Involve more people in your family tradition by giving a leaf and marker to your guests and having them join the fun. Signing their name makes it fun. Some are silly, some are serious. Enjoy the lovely addition of their words in your home.

• Have one big devotion on thankfulness–You can use that same list mentioned above (click HERE) or your own format.

• Call your out-of-town family (or friends)–Ask them to share something with you so you can have their voice represented in your home.

• On Thanksgiving Day–Include all who  are together on this day. Don’t just write it, though…share your thoughts with each other. Be willing to express specific things.

• Mail a thankfulness tree to your out-of-town college or adult children with leaves citing specific ways you’re thankful for them. You can have each family member at home write something about those you’re sending a tree to. What a fun gift to receive in the mail!

• Deliver to friends or neighbors–Write a leaf with something you’re thankful for about them and include it in your gift of a tree. Start them on their way with this tradition. Your thoughtfulness will be greatly appreciated.

• Personally deliver to your college kids who are within driving distance–Click HERE to see photos from my recent visit to make this tree delivery to my college son (and 40 others).

I’ve got to warn you–as soon as friends see this hanging in your home, they’ll be asking you to make one for them.

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