Flip-Flop Cupcakes

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flipflop cupcakes / photo by Kathy Hutto

Inspired by yesterday’s post, Walking it Out, today I want to share a fun summer dessert, Flip-Flop Cupcakes. The kiddos will enjoy them and, let’s face it, the adults will too!

You will need…
Cupcakes (already frosted)
Keebler Vienna Cookies
Air Heads Xtremes sweet and sour candy (or another similar candy for the straps)

Slip a knife between one cookie and the crème to separate.  These type cookies don’t pull apart neatly like an Oreo, so the knife helps keep most of the crème intact.

Use a coffee stirrer (the tiny straws) to poke holes for the straps on the flip flop.  I poked two at the top and one on each side.  This helps give the straps a little lift, so they don’t just lay flat.

Fill in the little holes with a tiny bit of frosting.  I simply used the coffee stirrer again to do this.

The Xtreme candies can be pealed into long, thin strips.  Cut the long strips into the lengths you need.

Insert the straps into the frosting filled holes.

Note:  I think next time I will finely crush some of the vanilla cookies in a Ziploc bag and sprinkle on the top of the cupcake to represent sand (much like you do with Oreo cookies when making Dirt Cake).


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