Book Review: Creative Slow-Cooker Meals

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Do you have a slow-cooker? Do you have two? I love this recipe book by Cheryl Moeller entitled Creative Slow-Cooker Meals: Use Two Slow Cookers for Tasty and Easy Dinners by Harvest House Publishers.

Let me tell you… the title is misleading… this cookbook is brimming with FAR more than just dinners! There are breakfast recipes, dessert recipes, beverage recipes and they all are cooked in the slow-cooker!

Bread Pudding

I’m a work-from-home, homeschooling mom of teenagers. I love having dinner cooking while I work, teach, write, mentor, and occasionally take a nap so I can keep going all evening. Having two slow-cookers is the way to go!!

One of the things I loved about these recipes is that the recipes were actually large enough for my family. We have four kids, three of them teens, two of them boys with hollow legs, so I usually have to double every recipe I make. Most recipes seem to be made for four people, and those people must eat like mice! But not this book! This book has recipes that are good for FAMILIES!

Wholesome Lentil Soup

I cooked some of the recipes and my 11-year-old daughter cooked others. She was thrilled to cook them and they tasted great.

The title of the book says “creative.” These definitely are. You’ll find recipes in here with exotic ingredients, and you’ll also find many with everyday, down-home ingredients everyone will have in the fridge. But the way they are put together is fabulous.

Saag Aloo ~ Indian Spinach and Potato dish

When you open the book, you’ll find one recipe on the left page and a coordinating recipe on the right page. One might be chili and the other cornbread (we loved that set of recipes). Or one might be scrumptious overnight oatmeal on one side with a delicious fruity sauce on the other. Everything is laid out for you. It’s so easy to use this book and do it well.

Chili with Buttermilk Cornbread

I highly recommend this cookbook for every cook. Each kitchen should be equipped with at least one slow-cooker! Finding a second one isn’t that hard if you shop thrift shops and garage sales, but it will save you so much time. With this recipe book, those slow-cookers might never get put away because they are always in use!

*Spiral-bound cookbook: Creative Slow-Cooker Meals: Use Two Slow Cookers for Tasty and Easy Dinners

*Kindle edition: Creative Slow-Cooker Meals

Carla Anne Coroy is a speaker, blogger and author of Married Mom, Solo Parent. She’s been married nearly 20 years and is living in Canada with her husband and four homeschooled teens. You can find her at or on Facebook at

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  1. Thanks for the review Carla Anne! I’m looking forward to getting Cheryl’s cookbook. Perfect timing!