4 Tips to Decluttering Children’s Stuff

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Tips for Decluttering Children's Stuff

Do you ever get overwhelmed by all of the stuff your children accumulate? As a young mom with two kids it is very easy to get overwhelmed by all of their stuff. One of the ways I have learned to deal with the accumulated blessings is to put things where they belong and hold loosely to things. Our children receive lots of wonderful gifts from toys to clothes. We feel so blessed but also know that our home can only hold so much, so we have adopted the philosophy of being a family that receives and gives blessings. Here are some of the guides we go by.

· Choose to keep out toys the kids are presently playing with. Others can be put into plastic containers and stored. Rotate toys so when children want something new it is only a short search away.

· Give away toys that children outgrow or that the children rarely play with. This becomes a blessing to another family. We have been the recipient of this kind of blessing and we want to pass it along.

· Clothing can accumulate quickly. Keep only clothing in the closet that fits. If you have a second child coming along behind, when child one outgrows clothes have a plastic bin ready to place them in so they don’t take up valuable closet space. If you are not keeping clothing for a younger child, have a box nearby to put outgrown items in and pass them along.

· If you have outfits, artwork, or uniforms with sentimental attachment, take pictures of them. Keep the most important articles and give yourself permission to pass the rest down to someone else. Space is at a premium in most homes.

The less you have out, the easier it will be to keep your home tidy and clean. All families have stuff, but to ease the stress on you and your family, focus on simplifying your life by streamlining your stuff.

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