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Bite Your Tongue

“A wise man’s heart guides his mouth, and his lips promote instruction” [Proverbs 16:23]

Ouch…or oops…we’ve all been there. Either we have spoken or been spoken to in a way that jabs, scratches or bruises the tender emotions of those around us. David knew his weakness and said,”Set a guard over my mouth, O Lord; keep watch over the door of my lips.” [Psalm 141:3] Sounds like a wise and healthy prayer to take to heart!


Thank you to today's guest blogger for sharing with us all!

Keeping the Tongue in Check

Beba Schlottmann Nothing will tarnish your testimony more than engaging in back-stabbing gossip and slander with co-workers. I recall one of my husband’s assignments to minister at a church–we had just been hired and were having lunch with the staff. The pastor could not come …

About Beba Schlottmann

Beba Schlottmann is an exuberant worshiper whose passion comes from a deeply-rooted relationship with Jesus Christ and a love for diverse styles of music and cultures. Moving to the states at age 12 from Puerto Rico, Beba graduated from West Coast Christian College in Fresno, CA. She is the president of Women on the Move, a ministry of the Lawrenceville Church of God. Beba also serves as a worship leader, teacher, interpreter and as a mentor. Beba's involvement in mission work has taken her to Europe, Central America and the Caribbean where she has served as a speaker, teacher, worship leader and interpreter. Beba's pride and joy are the men in her life, her husband Brian and their two boys, Matthew and Julian. She enjoys traveling, writing, reading, singing, and hosting international friends. Her not-so-secret indulgences include coffee and any flavor of Milka chocolate. You can visit her blog or Facebook profile to find out more about Beba.