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Pointing Out Pictures in the Clouds

I love clouds. We’ve lived in Toronto, in New York State, in Southern California and in Manitoba. We have traveled through most of the United States, a little in Mexico and I have been to Europe. Compared to all the places I have lived or …

About Carla Anne Coroy

Carla Anne can be described in one word: passionate. After just a few minutes with her it is evident that her biggest passion is people. Carla Anne is an accomplished Christian author, speaker and business woman. Her favourite way to spend her free time is hanging out with her 8 kids (an even mix of sons, daughters, and in-laws) and many family “add-ons”. In winter you can find her cheering for her local hockey team and in summer she’ll be on the beach!

Letters of Thanks to God

Years ago, I began a tradition of writing a thank you letter to God.  Each November I sat with pen in hand, silently reflecting in solitude on the gracious gifts God bestowed on me. If you could have looked into the windows of my life at …


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Learning Thankfulness

Every year, we spend a week in the mountains in a house kindly provided by the church my husband and I serve. It’s the highlight of my year: spending a week with my family, resting and recovering from the busyness of life, soaking myself in …

About Jean

Jean lives in Melbourne, Australia, where her husband teaches the Bible to university students. They have four children: one girl and three boys. When Jean isn’t busy being a wife, mum and homemaker, she loves teaching women the Bible and encouraging them to grow in godly womanhood. She speaks at women’s retreats and conferences, and writes for her blog, in all honesty, and for the Christian magazine The Briefing and their blog Sola Panel. Every day, God grows her deeper into his grace.

Thanksgiving Gratitude Tour

Thanksgiving is a beautiful celebration thanking God for His faithfulness, provision, and protection upon our nation and families. The commercialization of Halloween and Christmas make it the forgotten holiday  because it’s hard to sell an attitude of gratitude. Thanksgiving at our home starts October 1st …

About Kellie Renfroe

Kellie and her husband Greg have been married 32 years and have four children ranging in age from 18 to 28. She co-founded Mentoring Moments for Christian Women in 2005. Kellie is a homeschooling mom who enjoys reading, studying the Bible, writing, photography, and learning how to cook.