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The Privilege of Worship

In Southeast Asia where 1% of the population has even heard the name of Jesus spoken, a small (and growing) group of believers are worshiping today. They are lifting hands and voices to our God with beauty and grace. For some in the group, this …

About Kellie Renfroe

Kellie and her husband Greg have been married 32 years and have four children ranging in age from 18 to 28. She co-founded Mentoring Moments for Christian Women in 2005. Kellie is a homeschooling mom who enjoys reading, studying the Bible, writing, photography, and learning how to cook.

Open Heart, Open Home

When we were 23 and 24 years old we read a very influential book, “Open Heart, Open Home” by Karen Mains.  It basically challenges the idea that your home is your fortress or your showplace.  She wrote it after the kid next door from a …


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