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Learning to Practice a New Lifestyle

I arrived at my Extreme Novelist Class only to discover that I hadn’t received the advance “contract” and rules for the class. The first line read: 1) All participants will agree to an intense personal writing schedule of at least 90 minutes per day, 6 …

About Ann Stewart

Ann just won the Christy Award for Best Debut Novel of 2017 with Stars in the Grass, originated AMG’s Preparing My Heart series, and writes “Ann’s Lovin’ Ewe” for The Country Register. When she's not writing, she's waving her arms directing musicals, teaching middle schoolers, or watching UVA Basketball, This is Us, or Madam Secretary. In her free time she hangs out with her husband, raising two lovely daughters and a whole flock of fuzzy sheep on Skye Moor Farm, in Virginia--where unscripted drama provides plenty of entertaining material.

Compassion Around the Kitchen Table

“I am the man who has seen affliction Because of the rod of His wrath. He has driven me and made me walk in darkness and not in light” [Lamentations 3:1-2] Around the kitchen table  is a place of compassion because it is also a …


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