Show Me How: Perfectly Seared Steak

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Perfectly seared steak is one of my favorite meals, but the price is often prohibitive if you have to order it out. Why not serve it up at home next time? I’ve recorded four super-short videos that will show you how to sear perfect steaks. You can watch the videos in about 2 minutes and have steaks on the table in less than 10, start to finish. Pair it with salad and a microwaved baked potato for a restaurant-worthy meal in under 20 minutes!

Note: For those reading through email, click the title above, or each title below to view vlogs.

Show me How to Sear Steak (part 1)

Show me How to Sear Steak (part 2)

Show me How to Sear Steak (part 3)

Show me How to Sear Steak (part 4)

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