A Mother’s Day Letter…

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Rather than the focus being on what I can get or hope to get on Mother’s Day, I write a note to each family member and express reasons that make that person so special and let them know they are truly loved, valued, and an important member of the family.

Some ideas of specifics that you can include in your personalized letter to each family member:

  • character qualities they show – diligence, initiative, determination…
  • fruits of the spirit you see – joy, peace, patience…
  • talents that God gave them that you see – playing an instrument, sports, memory recall, good listener
  • strengths – things you see that they are good at
  • skills – things they have learned  or are learning, working hard at, doing well with
  • inside beauty – the heart, “man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart” – always notice and compliment them on their heart, their motives, i.e. “I watched you share the ball with the boy who was all by himself; I saw your heart be sensitive to making him feel included.”
  • spiritual gifts you see that they are using for the Lord
  • communication and people skills – being about others rather than themselves

Be specific.

Consider reading the letters aloud at family time or meal time so that all can hear. Add specific examples in your letter. You will see – the SPECIFIC situation that you recall in which you observed those character qualities will bring a sincere smile to your loved one’s face!

If you have never talked like that in your family before, begin now. You’ll see how it is a wonderful tool for creating a loving, safe, and encouraging environment in which your family members feel loved, valued, and needed.  One of the greatest ways I know to show your love for someone is to study them. By pointing out the things you’ve observed and appreciate in the uniqueness of each family member, you are expressing tremendous love.

Another spin-off of the idea above is to have each family member write a short letter (or just bullet points) of things that they appreciate, admire, and value in their family members. Set them out at each person’s place or read aloud by the author to each family member.

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