Does God Care about Your Everyday Problems?

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Does God care about our everyday problems?

People ask this question all the time. My answer from experience would be a resounding yes. I have many examples from almost 65 years of life but I’d like to share just one of them with you.

In 1993 I was attending Southern Seminary in Louisville, KY. I lived about 30 miles from the seminary so it was a long commute on class days. Anyone who has ever driven on I64 through the Cochran Hill tunnels during rush hour knows that it’s not much fun. At this time I was driving a Chevy van that had a mind of its own and too often it would die on me when traffic slowed down. Most of the time it would start right back up but I never knew for sure. To this day when I’m in bumper to bumper traffic and I can’t hear my car’s motor my heart sinks and I experience that old feeling of dread from those days.

Anyway, I was driving home from Seminary one evening in and had just gone through the tunnel when traffic came to a sudden halt. Guess what! My car died right there on the interstate. Car in front of me, car behind me, car on my passenger side, road shoulder on my driver side. I turned the key in the ignition; nothing. Not even a little bit of a sound came from the engine. I could see that traffic was beginning to move in front of me and knew I would soon be causing a terrible traffic jam in the middle of the interstate in Louisville KY. I would be on the traffic report for sure. I felt like crying and wished I could just sink down into the earth, van and all.

Before I go on let me just say at this time I was 42 years and not in great physical shape. I have never been one to work out or run or do anything very physical. I was in good health but not a strong person by any stretch of the imagination.

Back to being stuck on the interstate in a dead van with no one to help me. I was talking to God the whole time asking Him to please start my van for me. However, He did something I consider to be more remarkable. Before the car in front of me started I, for some reason I still don’t understand, decided to try to push my 4000 + pound vehicle onto the shoulder. I put it in neutral, stepped out of the driver’s door, turned the steering wheel, and proceeded to slowly steer my van onto the shoulder and out of the traffic. I climbed back in and sat there astounded. I wasn’t even winded. No one helped me. It almost seemed like I was invisible as people just drove right by me as I sat there watching. After I waited a few minutes I turned the key and it started right up. I put on my blinker, merged right into traffic, and drove the home without further incident.

Why do I consider this to be more remarkable that my van just starting? My van had started immediately after dying dozens of times so that wouldn’t have been anything special. However, for me to push and steer this large vehicle was a miracle. I didn’t run over myself, I didn’t end up hitting another car, and I didn’t end up down in the median. When the van was completely off the road and on the shoulder I quit pushing and it stopped without me hitting the brake. If that’s not a miracle I don’t know what is.

Here it is 23 years later and I still remember this incident. I believe that God’s message for me that day was that I’m never alone no matter the circumstance. I don’t know if He sent an angel to help me push and steer or if He gave me the strength I needed to complete the task. Whatever His means I just know that in the years since when I’ve felt helpless or alone He’s brought this memory to my mind to reassure and comfort me.

If you are His child and you are facing a trial big or small, ask Him to remind you of the times in your life when He’s protected you and provided just what you needed just when you needed it. Then trust Him to do the same today. He will.

Does God Care About Your Everyday Problems?


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  1. Great article! I too believe God cares about it All! He knows what we need to build our faith and believe me He will and does use anything from aggravating cars to minimal finances to test us but also bless us. Thank you for the smile this morning and the wonderful reminder of His sufficiency.