How to Make a Diaper Cake Centerpiece

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A “diaper cake” resembles a traditional tiered cake, but it is made entirely out of diapers and other infant gifts the expectant mother will love.  It makes a thoughtful and fun centerpiece for a baby shower, and it’s much easier to make than you would think.  Just follow this simple “recipe”!


Plastic cake plate or sturdy cardboard base

1 package infant size diapers (about 50 to 60)

Rubber bands

Ribbon (both thin curly ribbon and wide ribbon)

1 tall item to use as a stabilizer (such as a bottle of baby lotion or an 8 oz. baby bottle)

Other baby items such as washcloths, toys, bibs, socks, travel size baby toiletries, etc.


  1. Roll all 50 diapers up and secure with a curly ribbon or a rubber band.  I prefer to use a ribbon because it  is prettier.  Rubber bands are easier to work with, so if you have arthritis or a child-helper, you might consider securing each diaper with a rubber band.  You should be able to hide most of the rubber bands at the end with the wide ribbon if you choose to use them.
  2. Position your baby lotion bottle (stabilizer) in the middle of the cake plate or cardboard stand.  Surround it with one layer of rolled diapers (about 5 or 6) and secure with a rubber band.  Add a second ring of diapers (about 10) around the outside of the first ring.  You can add as many “rings” as your stand will hold, depending on how many diapers you have and how large you want your bottom tier to be.  I made 3 rings for my bottom tier.              
  3. Tie a piece of wide ribbon in a bow around the outer layer of the bottom tier.  Check to make sure all rubber bands are covered.
  4. The second tier is constructed exactly like the first, except that you will use fewer diapers and have less rings.  If the bottom tier has three rings of diapers, use two rings for the second tier.
  5. Assemble the top tier with the remaining diapers.  It should be even smaller than the second tier.  If the stabilizing bottle you chose isn’t tall enough to provide stability for this layer, you can use a 4 oz. baby bottle, a small stuffed toy, or even a toilet paper tube for the inner layer.  Wrap this layer of diapers with the wide ribbon, just as before.
  6. Decorate your diaper cake with extra baby items.  I took out a few diapers and replaced them with rolled up baby washcloths, and then added a baby blankie, infant toys, socks, and travel size baby toiletry items.  Place a cute stuffed animal, a pair of baby shoes, a teether, or another item on top of the cake as the crowning touch.

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