Creating Advent Books

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Creating Advent Books
Sheri Armendariz

On the first day of December each of my children received a “homemade” book. I made each book a different color with construction paper (cover) and white office paper (inside). After folding and stapling the paper to form the book, I put a piece of masking tape on the staples to be sure we didn’t get any pokes. Then each night as I was preparing dinner the kids got out their books, and I handed each one several shapes cut out of construction paper. They had to make a symbol out of their shapes and glue it to their book page. I would have them copy a scripture that the symbol represented. When they were very young, I would print out the verse and have them glue it on the page too.

Day 1 OWL – wisdom, lots of verses on wisdom in the Proverbs

Day 2 FLOWER – symbolizes Jesus as a rose from prophesy in the Old Testament

Day 3 FISH – we will be “fishers of men”

Day 4 APPLE – Adam and Eve story

Day 5 SNOWMAN – We are made clean

Day 6 DRUM – sing praises to Jesus

Day 7 CANDY CANE – Jesus bore stripes for our transgressions

Day 8 STAR – Wise men from the East see the star

Day 9 BIRTHDAY CAKE – Jesus birthday

Day 10 PIGGY BANK – reminds us to use our time, talents and abilities to glorify Jesus

Day 11 BIRD – Bible says God even sees the sparrow

Day 12 BALL – endless line of eternity, God has no end

Day 13 HOLLY – reminds us of Christ’s crown of thorns

Day 14 CLOVER – 3 parts shows the trinity

Day 15 BELL – ring bells to celebrate good news…Jesus birthday

Day 16 DIAMOND – Jesus is precious

Day 17 HEART – Jesus lives in our hearts

Day 18 MUSHROOM – our love for others should “mushroom” OR God’s protection over us like an umbrella

Day 19 BUTTERFLY – new life

Day 20 CROSS – Jesus died for us

Day 21 EASTER EGG – Christmas isn’t complete without Easter

Day 22 CANDLE – be a light to the world

Day 23 ALPHA – Jesus is the beginning – scripture from John 1

Day 24 OMEGA – Jesus is the end – scripture from Revelation

Editor’s Note: Sheri and her children made an Advent book every year while they were young which she adapted from a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) program she attended.


“During Advent, we are offered an opportunity to prepare a place for the Christ child in our hearts. To adjust mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to His renewed presence in our lives, and to nurture ourselves and those around us so that Christmas does not suddenly appear, but is a long-awaited event for which we are fully prepared.”
The Christmas Survival Book
by Alice S. Lawhead



Thank you to today's guest blogger for sharing with us all!

Encouraged? Share this post...


Thank you to today's guest blogger for sharing with us all!

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