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In life, there are few things more exciting than discovering you’re carrying a new life. It’s a special season that includes attention to health, medical visits and research. Countless websites provide information on baby names and their meanings, a baby’s en utero development, as well as products to design the perfect nursery.

After a first trimester that may include odd cravings, fatigue and morning sickness, the time arrives for the much anticipated ultrasound. It is at this appointment that many hope the sex of their unborn child will be revealed. Expectant mothers enter the exam room with their ultrasound tech, hoping their little bundle of joy isn’t particularly modest on this occasion.

Learning of news as significant as the gender of your precious, little miracle in an impersonal office setting can seem rather cold to some expectant parents. As a result, many are now opting to host a Gender Reveal party to discover, as well as announce, the gender of their new addition to family and friends. With a little creativity and planning, anyone can host this popular new party occasion.

Before the ultrasound appointment date, visit your bakery to discuss the options for a decorated cake. The baker may dye the cake batter blue or pink to create colored layers or, alternatively, may use pink or blue tinted icing between the cake layers. This means the “gender reveal” is done when the cake is cut by the expectant parents at the party.

Next, contact your midwife or the ultrasound office and explain your plans for a Gender Reveal party. Make a request for the technician to seal the ultrasound findings in an envelope or ask the medical office to call your bakery after your appointment. The envelope may be entrusted to a friend to handle the details or the office will share the gender with the bakery, so the parents will be surprised by the reveal along with their guests.

Then, choose a location and begin planning your Gender Reveal party. Party themes can be as personal as the family planning it and may include a “Boy or Girl?” theme or even a “What will it ‘Bee’?” theme. The menu may be personalized by serving the expectant mom’s cravings or family members’ favorites.

If there are older siblings, there are many creative ways to honor them at the gathering. Including baby photos of other children, along with the ultrasound photo of the newest family member, can make a nice arrangement for guests to enjoy. The cake design may include cupcakes, petit fours or layers that display the names or number of your other children, with the colored, piped icing indicating their gender.

A chalkboard or displayed tally sheet for guests to cast their gender predictions will add to the party fun. Another idea is to include a voting area for boy and girl names that are being considered. Guests may wish to arrive at the event wearing colors that indicate their guess as to the baby’s gender.

As with any memorable occasion, make sure your special time is captured on camera so it can be remembered and shared. Your loved ones will cherish participating in such a warm, meaningful time. Whether you plan a small, intimate gathering or a large, festive event, a Gender Reveal party can be an unforgettable experience for all that attend.

Tambrie Kitchens enjoys exciting, adventure-filled days homeschooling her two extraordinary daughters, Gabrielle and Arabella. Together, they love finding creative ways to express hospitality while residing in Savannah, GA. Find easy entertaining ideas at: http://blessedzest.blogspot.com/


Thank you to today's guest blogger for sharing with us all!

Encouraged? Share this post...


Thank you to today's guest blogger for sharing with us all!

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