Christian Adoption

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This year Mentoring Moments has been exploring the meaning of Christian adoption.

Adoption is a significant way to participate in the Great Commission.

It is an act of spiritual warfare.

It proclaims a message about the sanctity of human life.

We have even looked at ways that Christians who are NOT called to adopt themselves can minister to orphans and aid Christian families who are called to adopt.

Grafted, a new video from Journey Pictures, explores the adoption journey of six families, tracing their paths from the time they first began to consider adopting to the culmination of grafting a new child into their families.  Part theology of adoption, part dialogue about what to expect, Grafted delivers information about the process and inspiration about God’s Providence. You can purchase the movie here as a digital download for just $4.99 or on DVD for $14.99.

We are Grafted from Journey Pictures on Vimeo.

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Another clip from Grafted:

Meet the Beaches! from Journey Pictures on Vimeo.

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  1. Great video, while parents adopting change the life of a their new little one, it’s usually also the case that the child change their life in the best direction it can!

    Kind Regards