50 Ways to Say, “I Love You!”

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Stephanie Little

1. Write those three little words in lipstick on the car rear-view mirror.

2. Send a free e-card.

3. Steal his hand-held calendar and write it in the notes section.

4. Hang a note inside the refrigerator

5. Put a note in his coat pocket.

6. Mow the words in the lawn.

7. Write it in sidewalk chalk.

8. Mail him a real letter.

9. Create a CD of all of your favorite love songs and hit play when he walks in the door.

10. Hide a note in his sock drawer.

11. Bring home his favorite takeout food.

12. Buy his favorite candy bar and give it to him after dinner.

13. Ask him about his day and then really listen.

14. Give him a new fishing lure, a set of golf balls, or other sports item he likes.

15. Make his coffee in the morning, just the way he likes it, and put it on the nightstand so it’ll be waiting for him when he wakes.

16. Sneak a favorite treat and your picture into his suitcase before he goes out of town.

17. Text-message, “I love you and I’m praying for you right now.” in the middle of the day.

18. Give a gift certificate for a pedicure. Encourage him to try it.

19. Give a gift certificate for a day of golf (and the cart fee!).

20. Give a “heart-written” poem, penned straight from your own heart.

21. Have your picture made at a one-hour picture place. Present to him in a nice frame for his desk, wallet or bedside table.

22. Go on a nature walk and find a small, smooth rock. Write the date on the rock as a memory of your day together. (Make sure that the walk is memorable!)

23. Go on a date down memory lane. Drive to a few of the places that you used to go together before you were married. Talk about the memories you have of those dates.

24. Have a parade in his honor. You and the kids make banners of love for your husband. Have them gather any type of instrument to play. Put a chair in the front yard, seat him there and proceed to parade yourselves up and down the street proclaiming your love.

25. Make a special cake or another favorite dessert and take it to his place of business, just to celebrate him.

26. Choose a secret word that your husband often says. Every time he says that word, plant a big kiss right on his lips. Don’t reveal the secret word until the end of the day.

27. Ask your husband to make a list of prayer requests. Take him and the list into your bedroom, close the door and pray together.

28. When the pastor says, “Let’s pray,” grab him hand and let his know that your hearts are one before the Lord.

29. Read Song of Solomon aloud together. Write a description of one another’s features.

30. Have your husband make a list of four things that he would like for you to do around the house. Choose one per week and work your way through the list.

31. Give him a “day off” to do something fun with a friend.

32.Send the kids to your parents’, run a nice hot bubble bath, light some candles, and make a trail of chocolate hearts or kisses from the front door to the tub.

33. Write a note encouraging him to pursue one dream he’s had for years. Tell him that you will do whatever it takes to help make that dream a reality, and then follow through!

34. Go outside and PLAY! Choose any sport or game, be silly, have fun!

35. Frame a picture of him in his Little League or high school sports uniform, place it on your bedside table or in your child’s room.

36. Start a vacation coin savings jar. Find a picture of a place that he would love to go one day, tape it to the front of the jar and put ten dollars of change in the jar to start the savings. 37. Every day drop your loose change in the jar. Put in any extra money throughout the year. Take him on the trip of a lifetime!

38. Celebrate the anniversary of your first date, your first kiss, the first time you said, “I love you.”

39. After the kids are in bed, ask him to look at your wedding pictures with you.

40. Sit next to him and watch his favorite sports game. You bring the popcorn.

41. Take a blanket out in the yard and count the stars together.

42. Create a scavenger hunt to lead to a big (or little) surprise.

43. Breakfast in bed is always good. Make it breakfast for two!

44. Send his parents a card thanking them for the gift of their son.

45. Ask him to explain what he does each day at work. Really listen.

46. Compliment him in front of others.

47. Buy a couple’s devotional Bible or other Christian book and commit to read it together each day.

48. Window shop together.

49. Wash his car, inside and out, without telling him.

50. Laugh together. Don’t take everything so seriously. Dream together. Remember LOVE.


Thank you to today's guest blogger for sharing with us all!

Encouraged? Share this post...


Thank you to today's guest blogger for sharing with us all!

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