Throwback Thursday: Designer Placemats

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With spring in full swing and summer ahead, we will be enjoying parties outdoors. Simplify the picnic setup by combining the silverware, napkin and placemat into one designer bundle. With five, six-inch straight stitches you can make these functional placemats. They are wonderful gifts for a new bride too!

Materials needed: tea towel, 34-inch-long ribbon, sewing machine.

Fold the end of the tea towel up to form a 6-inch pocket. Stitch along the edges. Stitch a 3-inch pocket on the left side for for the silverware pocket. Stitch a 5-inch pocket on the right side for the napkin pocket. Fold ribbon in half and stitch to the right napkin pocket.

Optional: Personalize the placemat with the initial of your last name. If you do not have access to an embroidery machine, you can purchase an iron-on embroidery initial.

Loi Palmer

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  1. Angela Hohn says:

    I was drawn to the article on starting a business over the age of 50. I do like the pouchee idea I have already located the store nearest to me. Thanks to all who contribute to all the articles I am an avid reader. Much love