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Are You a PAHM?

I’ve been in the corporate world my entire adult life, so I never thought I would have the letters SAHM (stay-at-home Mom) at the end of my name, but alas, I do—and I’m proud of it. But I’m a newbie, and boy am I learning …

About Daphne Tarango

Daphne Tarango is a freelance writer who comforts others with the comfort she has received from God. Daphne is a recovery speaker and writers’ group president. She has published numerous inspirational articles in print and online magazines. She has three stories in the inspirational collection, Women of the Secret Place, published by Ambassador International. Daphne is married to Luis and in the past year, has resigned from corporate life to take a position as a stay-at-home mom of three adopted children. To connect with Daphne, visit her blog: