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Rushton’s Hope

Like lepers of the bible, the people of inner cities are considered by many to be unclean. While we do not require them to walk down the streets announcing themselves, we do try to avoid those unsavory areas of our towns as much as possible. …

About Tracey Cagle

My God brought me out of a pit of my own creation and blessed me beyond my wildest dreams. I am a second wife to my high school sweetheart and mother of four. I work part-time for a market research company and full-time as chauffeur, chef, and cheerleader to the children. I am active in my church home, where I teach a women's Sunday school class and facilitate bible studies. I enjoy volunteering. I write children's stories and have been rejected by some of the most renowned publishing companies in America. My daughter tells me Dr. Seuss was rejected on 17 submissions so I still have a way to go.