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The Proverbs 31 Woman in a Nutshell

Don’t we all just love it when someone mentions the Proverbs 31 woman?  Almost immediately most of our eyes just roll as we let out a little sarcastic chuckle.  Recently, however, I decided to read this chapter again.  Turns out, there are some very basic fundamentals …

About Kathy Hutto

Kathy Hutto is a wife, homeschooling mother, entrepreneur and author. You can visit her online at

Looking for a Bride

Proverbs 31 captures the words of a mother contemplating a wife for her son. If the king’s mother had been writing her oracle today, it may have sounded something like this: Where do I begin my son to describe the kind of young woman I …

About Page Hughes

Page Hughes is a Jesus loving party girl who is always ready to have fun! She has been married to Dr. Les Hughes for almost 40 years and they reside in Alabaster, Alabama. Les and Page have been blessed with 4 amazing children and 11 fabulous grand children who are the source of many great illustrations. Page loves people well through ministering to their hurts, cooking delicious meals, and partying with the purpose of leading others to a deeper relationship with Jesus. Page’s goal in life is to go to heaven when she dies and take as many people as she can with her.

Guard Your Heart and Time

MMCW’s featured blogroll post for April is from Johanna Tooke at Life Managers. If you would like to join our blogroll and have the opportunity to be a MMCW guest author, click here. A guard is never posted by anything obscure or meaningless. A guard …


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