Are You Relocating?

”I have set the Lord always before me…” [Psalm 16:8] David was the anointed king yet he roamed around from place to place, like Abraham before him who went out not knowing where he was going or Jacob and Moses who ran for their life into the dessert—destiny awaited them all, through the doorway of ‘relocation’. With all the economic flux that is shaking our nation, people are relocating, forced to leave their homes, communities and places of worship. In {Read More}


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Tips for Family Devotions Led by Mom

1. Start.  Yeah, sounds kind of silly, but that’s half the battle–getting going.  Decide right now while you’re reading this that you won’t let another day go by waiting for someone else to do it.  Then plan what you’ll do today. 2. Don’t make it hard – make it simple.  If the kids around your table are small, choose a Bible passage that is full of adventure and excitement like the story of Daniel or David before he became king.  {Read More}

About Carla Anne Coroy

Carla Anne Coroy is a gifted storyteller and teacher with a contagious enthusiasm for life. Even the mucky parts. Her humorous and down-to-earth style quickly engages her audiences as she ignites God's hope in everyday situations. She speaks and conducts seminars on a variety of topics including parenting, marriage, organization, and biblical finances. Watch for her upcoming book for married moms who solo parent or check out her blog. Carla Anne is blessed to be homeschooling her kids. She and her husband of 15 years live in a quiet, rural neighborhood of Manitoba disturbed primarily by their four children, yappy poodle, and operatic budgie.

What Do You Believe

For the past few years we have been using a catechism to teach our children the core tenets of the Christian faith.  Catechisms are simple dialogues which summarize what we believe in a question and answer format.  There are several versions of the catechism available free online, including The Westminster Shorter Catechism, The Catechism for Young Children and A Baptist Catechism. A parent or Sunday School teacher asks the child a question, and helps him to learn the correct answer, {Read More}

About Molly Evert

Writer Molly Evert is a wife and homeschooling mom to 6 kids, who range in age from 2 to 18. She runs an educational website, My Audio School (, providing access to the best in children's audio literature. She also blogs at CounterCultural Mom ( and CounterCultural School (