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Easy Slow Cooker Root Beer Pork BBQ

BBQ pork sandwich

Get everything going this morning and enjoy Easy Slow Cooker Pork BBQ for dinner. The secret ingredient is: Root Beer! 2 to 3 pound pork tenderloin or Boston Butt 1 (12-oz) can or bottle of root beer 1 (18 oz) bottle of barbecue sauce 8 …

About Vicki Huffman

Writer / Editorial Board. National award-winning journalist Vicki Huffman's latest book is Soon to Come: The Revelation of Jesus Christ. It is a verse by verse exposition of the only purely prophetical book in the New Testament. Her other five books are: The Jesus Moses Knew: How to See Christ in the Old Testament; A Secret Hope (novel); Still Looking: Finding the Peace of God in Job Loss; Plus Living: Looking for Joy in All the Right Places, and The Best of Times. All are available in print and e-book on Vicki is a national award-winning author who has taught the Bible for many years. She was an editor for several Christian publishing houses, including Thomas Nelson and David C. Cook Ministries.