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Forget My Birthday

I turned 66 this year, March 25th to be precise. I generally don’t forget my own birthday, so I wondered why sent me a reminder about it?  Did I ask to be reminded?  There are plenty of things I need reminders about–like where I put the …

About Jackie Henry

Writer Jackie Henry is the founder and director of the “Teacup Widow’s Ministry,” a ministry designed to bless, encourage and empower widows. Jackie was a widow for nine years when she met and married Rev. Larry K. Henry, who is an ordained minister in the Church of God. Jackie has served as the director of Women’s Ministries at the Lawrenceville Church of God for 14 years. She has been employed by North Ga. Church of God Executive Office for 17 years. Jackie and Larry have been appointed as pastors of the Dahlonega Church of God At Mercy Hill. Jackie has learned that God’s Word will mix with life’s experiences to create the wisdom that is needed for living. Her love for God has given her a winning combination.