Show Me How: To Comment on a Blog

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Do you sometimes read a stimulating or controversial blog post and find yourself feeling passionate about it and wanting to join the conversation?  If you are like many, you may read exciting posts and want to add your two cents but simply don’t know how to go about doing it.

Today things will change for you!  It’s very simple and straight forward…let me show you how.

On the picture below you will see a blog post from my blog.  Near the bottom in red letters it says ‘0 Comments CLICK HERE TO VIEW OR LEAVE A COMMENT’.  Blogs like this make it easy to know where to go to leave a comment.  Simply click on the link and follow the directions.

Other blogs might not tell you where to click.  There may simply be the words ‘Post a Comment hidden somewhere near the bottom of the post or even at the bottom of all the other comments, like this:

In this case, simply click on the words ‘Post a Comment’ and then follow the directions.

Blogs that are hosted by WordPress (like Mentoring Moments) often have a section that will say something like Speak your Mind or Leave a Reply, making it very easy to know where to write your comment.

You may need to fill in your name and email address.  This is okay and nothing to worry about.  You may also be asked to copy random letters and numbers that may looked scrambled into a blank that looks something like this:

Those random letters and numbers are called a ‘Captcha’.  They help to make sure that it is a person and not a computer posting the comment.  Sometimes the Captcha spells a word, sometimes it doesn’t.

Once you have filled in the Captcha, hit the ‘Post Comment’ or ‘Submit’ button and you’re done!

Now it’s practice time!  Leave a comment below to tell us if you comment on blogs regularly or it today is your first time.  We’d love to meet you all in person, but the comment section will have to do for now.

About Carla Anne Coroy

Carla Anne Coroy is a gifted storyteller and teacher with a contagious enthusiasm for life. Even the mucky parts. Her humorous and down-to-earth style quickly engages her audiences as she ignites God's hope in everyday situations. She speaks and conducts seminars on a variety of topics including parenting, marriage, organization, and biblical finances. Watch for her upcoming book for married moms who solo parent or check out her blog. Carla Anne is blessed to be homeschooling her kids. She and her husband of 15 years live in a quiet, rural neighborhood of Manitoba disturbed primarily by their four children, yappy poodle, and operatic budgie.

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  1. Thank you Carla! One of my goals for 2011 is to comment more!

  2. Nice, clear directions. Thanks!

  3. I do comment on blogs, mostly political blogs where I just have to add my 2 cents worth! I’ve never commented on yours because I thought it sounded to complicated.

    Teresa Snipes