Preparing My Heart for Grandparenting

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“If I would have known grandchildren were going to be so much fun, I would have had them first.”

Though author Lydia E. Harris didn’t pen that phrase, her love for grandparenting permeates her new book, Preparing My Heart for GrandparentingA book so rich in heartwarming stories, timeless wisdom, and creative suggestions, grandparents of any age or stage will want to apply the concepts immediately.

This six-week Bible study includes all the necessary Bible passages printed in the book along with thought-provoking questions. Chapter topics help grandparents prepare for their new roles, not only to invest in their grandchildren’s lives but to make an eternal impact. Practical and fun ideas encourage them to celebrate the joy of grandparenting, and the innovative charts will prove valuable for years to come.

With five grandchildren ages newborn to eleven,  Lydia understands the excitement of grandparenting but is also realistic. The week on “Preparing for Joy and Tears” offers hope and comfort to those who haven’t found grandparenting to be all fun and games.

Lydia’s MA in Home Economics with an emphasis in family relationships and years as a teacher and writer provide her background for writing this study. Now she has presented a clear, easy-to-follow, inspiring study—time-tested on her family.

This resource is full of ways to connect with your grandkids and God at the same time. Grandparents who tested the study loved gathering to share and fellowship.

Consider this new release as a gift for grandparents or as a study for your church or community.

570136: Preparing My Heart for Grandparenting: Passing on a Legacy of Faith Preparing My Heart for Grandparenting: Passing on a Legacy of Faith


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