Preparing for a Fall Retreat

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Fall is a beautiful time of year to get away to a women’s ministry retreat. Here are some thoughts on how to make it the best retreat ever…fall leaves

1. Take along a notepad and pen. Be prepared to let God speak directly to you regarding your life right now and how He wants you to move forward. Confront any sin/weaknesses He reveals to you with a  teachable, humble heart that says, “Lord, I want to hear from you.”

2. Be prepared for a time of refreshment, renewal, and learning about God. Spend time in the Word, and even time by yourself, by the pool or in the room alone, being still and hearing God’s voice.

3. Be prepared to feel God redirect or confirm the priorities He has for you at this time: your role as a wife, as a mom, where/how to serve and ways He is calling you to minister right now.  It’s a time to think through each family member and how God would have you be involved in their lives: to pray for each, to invest in each, to give you wisdom and discernment in restoring/building relationships. It’s a great time to be still and listen to God as He shows you His best things for you to put on your calendar: time to bring back date nights,  make time for lunch with a friend or friends more frequently, His creativity in reaching the heart of your child. Bring your calendar so you can be ready to put HIS will for your life, your talents, service, role as wife, mom, and friend (and more roles) on the calendar.

If you would like to attend the Desperate for God Women’s Conference, where staff from MMCW will be the guest speakers, visit for details. We would love to see there!

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