Peaceful Grandparenting: An Atmosphere of Worship

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“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God” (Matthew 5:9).“What is peace?” I asked my husband. But before he could answer I said jokingly, “Is it when the grandkids go home?””No,” he replied quickly. “It’s too quiet when they’re gone.”
I’m grateful my husband enjoys spending time with our grandkids and that he’s a real peacemaker. We both love quiet, peaceful surroundings, so we try to prevent squabbles when our grandkids visit. Of course, that isn’t always possible. But one of my favorite ways to create a peaceful home is to play Christian music. It changes the atmosphere, and often the lyrics sink in.

When our three young grandkids came for a sleepover, the next morning I found two of them in the playroom doctoring the dolls and teddy bears. “Where’s Peter?” I asked.
“He’s resting,” Clara said.Resting? He had just eaten breakfast after a long night’s sleep. I walked past the living room and saw Peter sitting in the rocker. With his head bowed, eyes closed, and hands folded, he listened to the children’s worship music. I wanted to get my camera and take a photo, but it seemed a holy moment, so I tiptoed away.
Later I felt God whisper, “If you prepare a worshiping atmosphere, they might worship.”

Kids can also enjoy worship music while they play. Recently when two grandsons came for an overnight, they had a fun, congenial time building Legos while kids’ Christian CDs played in the background.
But music isn’t the only way to create peaceful times when young kids and grandkids visit. Here are a few more ideas:
1. Prepare your heart before they come. Pray for them and the time you’ll share together.
2. Plan fun, constructive things to do with them.
3. Create orderly, peaceful surroundings.
4. Realize things won’t always be peaceful. When conflicts arise, be a peacemaker and work together with your grandchild(ren) to resolve problems in loving ways.
5. Agree to accept and forgive each other.
Since no two kids are alike, what works for them differs. What have you found that works? How do you foster peaceful grandparenting in your home?
Lydia Harris treasures time with her grandkids, who are growing up very fast. One is approaching high school age. These thoughts are excerpted from her book, Preparing My Heart for Grandparenting. It’s available online or can be ordered through bookstores.

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About Lydia Harris

Lydia E. Harris is happily married to Milt, her sweetheart for 48 years. She has two married children, five grandkids, and is the author of a Bible study, "Preparing My Heart for Grandparenting" (AMG Publishers, 2010 release). She's also a tea enthusiast and writes the column "A Cup of Tea with Lydia."

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  1. Good words, Lydia! I’ll try to remember them if I’m ever a grandpa. gg

  2. Lovely story with delightful Christian message for influencing the children in our lives.
    I especially like the God whisper “If you prepare a worshiping atmosphere, they might worship.”

  3. Thanks for your comments. We can create a worshipful atmosphere in our homes for any children who visit or live with us. Uncles, aunts, neighbors, and friends can all influence future generations.


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