Nativity Alive: Celebrating 2 Advents

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Recently my friend wrote me, “After much prayer, I finally finished decorating our home. It’s much different than it has ever been.” She continued, “We are no longer celebrating the birth of a baby, we are celebrating the soon coming of the King. The One who is faithful and true.” (See Revelation 19:11.)

What an exciting reminder! As we celebrate Jesus’ first Advent, we can also anticipate His second Advent.

Although my decorating isn’t much different this year, I am listening to Christmas music in a new way. Here are several songs that turned my heart to Christ’s return.

As we sang O Holy Night in church, tears ran down my face as I rejoiced that His first coming on that holy night meant another holy time will occur when Jesus will come again. He will again come with multitudes of angels, and people will again fall on their knees in worship (this time everyone). The song also speaks of Him breaking chains. When Christ comes to rule, oppression will truly cease and we will praise Christ as the Lord.  As you listening to this moving song, anticipate His Second Coming, because He came the first time as Savior so He could come again as King.

Another Christmas song that speaks of Jesus’ return is Mary, Did You Know?The phrase that stands out to me this year is that Jesus will rule the nations. When He returns, indeed He will! And He will be the perfect Ruler. As we sing in Joy to the World,” He will rule with truth and grace. (Did you know this familiar carol was actually written about His second coming, but adapted as a Christmas hymn?)

In the First Light,” another beautiful song rich with meaning, also speaks of Jesus coming back to rule the earth. It concludes by saying that this event will be even greater than His first coming.

Each December my husband and I listen to Handel’s Messiah with the magnificent “Hallelujah Chorus.” That song heralds such triumph and victory. It proclaims Jesus as King of kings and Lord of lords, who will reign forever and ever. That’s our marvelous hope and future.

As we celebrate Jesus’ first coming in just a week, let’s anticipate His second Advent too. Together, in our hearts and homes, let’s worship Him as the soon-coming King of kings and Lord of lords.

Lord Jesus, we love You and rejoice in Your birth. But now we long for Your Second Coming. As we again prepare room in our hearts for You, we eagerly pray, “Come soon, Lord Jesus.”

Nativity Alive: Celebrating 2 Advents

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