Time Management & Scheduling

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The 80/20 Principle by Richard Koch
The 80/20 Principle asserts that there are relatively few key things we do in our lives that produce most of the results that we want…so finding those key things and focusing on them is the most important use of our time, energy, and money. The first part of the book deals with how the 80/20 principle affects businesses, and the second part deals with applying the 80/20 principle at a personal level.”

Margin by Dr. Richard Swenson
“We are convinced that homeschooling succeeds or fails depending on the ‘Margin’ we build into our lives. Margin is the space that should exist between us and our financial, emotional, spiritual, and physical limits. It is the time to build relationships, to reflect on life, to live deliberately, and unhurriedly. Is the money to invest in important things. It is the emotional reserve to love, laugh, and relax. It is the time to do what you value most. This book discusses how we crowd margin out of our lives and what we can do to regain it.”

The Overload Syndrome by Dr. Richard Swenson
“This book picks up where Margin leaves off, explaining the pressures of our culture that are taking a toll on all that we are and do. Written in the form of ‘prescriptions’ to counteract the life-draining, health-damaging effects of overload Dr. Swenson’s prescriptions can truly restore health, save marriages, reconcile children, and bring back the joy of living.”

Restoring Margin to Overloaded Lives by Dr. Richard Swenson
“This workbook helps you examine your life to find out where your ‘overloads’ are; how you seem to keep accumulating them; and what you can do to eliminate them.”

Celebration of Discipline, 25th Anniversary Edition by Richard J. Foster
“Discover how to incorporate the practices of meditation, prayer, worship, simplicity, and other Christian disciplines into your daily routine and experience a richer life in Christ.”
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Tips of Time Management by Beneth Jones
“Beneth Jones discusses principles for setting goals and streamlining your life to increase efficiency and decrease frustration to become a more effective servant for the Lord.”
Bob Jones University – Lesson 6

Managers of Their Home by Terri Maxwell
“With eight homeschooled children, Terri Maxwell and her husband Steve understand well the demands of managing a home. She has done an excellent job of logically laying out a plan to help anyone schedule their home for success. The fact is, we all have a schedule, whether we know it or not.”
Titus 2

Stress Test by Thomas A. Whiteman, Ph.D. & Randy Petersen
“If you’re stressed–and tired of reading lengthy, irrelevant information–this short book brings you a test, results, and concise chapters on resolving specific stress issues.”

Day of Delight: Making Sunday the Best Day of the Week by Pam Forster
“With just a little planning ahead during the week, Sunday can actually be the day of rest that the Lord created it to be. Forster shares Scriptures, recipes and suggestions for making Sunday special.”

Family Circles: Making Time for the Ones You Love by Pam Forster
“This little kit from Forster can actually revolutionize your family. With a little tweaking, your schedule can include time spent with each family member individually! Excellent resource for busy moms.”

Freedom from Tyranny of the Urgent by Hummel
“Hummel makes you examine the trivial from the urgent in your life, and helps you to discern between the two in your decision making. Excellent reading!”
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Get More Done in Less Time by Donna Otto
“With a little elbow grease and a simple plan, you can maximize your time and then move on to the fun stuff! Discover easy ways to save thousands of steps in the kitchen, streamline your shopping, create joyful holiday gatherings, make your daily planner work for you, and much, much more. Don’t wait another minute–get more done in less time today!”
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Survival for Busy Women: Establishing Efficient Home Management by Emilie Barnes
“Once again, Emilie delights us with a book crammed full of great time-saving advice!”

Choosing to Cheat: Making the Second Most Important Decision of Your Life by Andy Stanley
“There are only 24 hours in a day, and between work, family, and church, you’ve got a million things to do. Fitting it all in often becomes a matter of “robbing Peter to pay Paul.” Discover how to “cheat” with your time so you can focus on what’s really important–your family.
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More Hours in My Day: Proven Ways to Organize Your Home, Your Family, and Yourself by Emilie Barnes
“Take a breather, get focused, and become organized with this revised edition of Barnes’ bestseller! Packed with proven ideas and step-by-step instruction, Emilie’s manual helps you turn disorder into order; use financial and natural resources wisely; find freedom in daily scheduling; teach your family to function as a team; and much more. ” 356 pages
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Time Management from the Inside Out by Julie Morgentern
“Author Julie Morgentern used three main strategies to whip a living space or office into shape: ‘analyze, strategize, attack.’ Using the same system, Morgenstern now shows readers how to get rid of chaotic schedules in order to live more comfortable and productive lives. Morgenstern likens a cluttered schedule to a cluttered closet. For example, a closet is typically ‘crammed with more stuff than storage,’ and a schedule is typically ‘crammed with more tasks that time.’ ”

Time Management for Christian Women by Helen Young
“Looking for a ‘Christianized’ Heloise’s hint or One-Minute Superwoman? Sorry, you just picked the wrong book. But if you’re feeling more like Martha than Mary, try Time Management for Christian Women. Billie Silvey and Helen Young run basic time-management principles through a Bible filter to distill excellent advice on doing your best work and being your best self for the Lord. Time Management for Christian Women is sensitive to the ministry goals of single and married women at different stages of life. Charts. Scriptures, questions, and activities for each chapter make this book ideal for both group and individual study.”
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