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MMCW’s  mentoring library began years ago with a website called Women at Home University.  Two young mothers, with the assistance and support of their husbands, developed a free four-year online university program for Christian women. The purpose was to allow women to be mentored by excellent authors and speakers.

Women at Home University instantly became a favorite website as I began reading through their suggested material. Looking back, I know it was a God-thing that I printed out what I did, when I did. At the time there was an update on the site for one of the women. She was suffering from cancer and her husband was requesting everyone’s continued prayers.

Fast-forward a few years to the development of MMCW’s website. Not wanting to copy what others had developed, I went in search of Women at Home University to link to our site. Unfortunately, it is no longer available.

MMCW’s library includes what I printed out years ago from WHU along with continued input from our staff. The founders of WHU’s mission wanted to see women grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ. We dedicate MMCW’s library to WHU’s founders (whom we do not even know by name) in hopes that their mission will continue.

Our Mentoring Library will be added to in the coming weeks as we input all the information, so check in often.

Kellie Renfroe

Encouraged? Share this post...