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94643: An Affair of the Mind An Affair of the Mind

By Laurie Hall / Tyndale House

Compelling and poignant, An Affair of the Mind tells the story of one woman’s struggle to protect herself and her children from the devastating effects of pornography. With both candor and sensitivity, Laurie Hall relives the nightmare that nearly destroyed her family, warning others of porn’s seductive, addictive nature. She opens her heart and bares her soul, imparting keen insights and comfort. And she shares the hard lessons God taught her – among them, the virtues of patience, trust, and perserverance.

448658: The Love Dare, Imitation Leather Edition The Love Dare, Imitation Leather Edition

By Stephen Kendrick & Alex Kendrick / B & H Publishing Group

Today, many marriages end when one partner says “I don’t love you anymore.” In Love Dare, the book featured in the movie Fireproof (starring Kirk Cameron), you can learn the true nature of love. It’s a 40-day guided devotional experience that will lead your heart back to truly loving your spouse. Each day’s entry discusses a unique aspect of love, presents a specific “dare” to do for your spouse, and gives you a journaling area to chart the progress that you will be making.

Elegant gift volume in deep brown faux leather is embossed with old world borders and graphics, featuring the words of I Corinthians 13:7-8 on the back Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all . things. Love never fails. Beautifully designed pages offer lightly-ruled pages for your responses and Scripture quotations. If you intend to take the Love Dare, this keepsake book will be worthy of your commitment. Satin ribbon marker; with appendices.

104914: Growing the Marriage of Your Dreams,  Max on Life Studies with CD Growing the Marriage of Your Dreams, Max on Life Studies with CD

By Max Lucado / Thomas Nelson

Grab a cup of coffee and sit down with Max as he shares his insights on love, relationship issues, and other aspects of married life! Combining the spoken and written word, this 4-part study will guide engaged and married couples deeper into the companionship and intimacy that are God’s gifts to them. Includes CD.

970411: The First Five Years of Marriage: Launching a Lifelong, Successful Relationship The First Five Years of Marriage: Launching a Lifelong, Successful Relationship

By Edited by Phillip J. Swihart, Ph.D. & Wilford Wooten / Focus on the Family

What are the keys to a strong, lifetime marriage? Thousands of couples asked the same question and Focus on the Family’s trusted counseling staff answered with this essential marriage reference. Find wise advice to such questions as, “How can I change my spouse?,” “What about birth control?” and “Are we falling out of love?” With easy to find, biblical answers to some of the toughest relationship questions, you’ll find this practical guide one you’ll refer to often.

970047: Breaking the Cycle of Divorce: How Your Marriage Can Succeed Even if Your Parents" Didn"t Breaking the Cycle of Divorce: How Your Marriage Can Succeed Even if Your Parents’ Didn’t

By John Trent, Ph.D., with Larry K. Weeden / Focus on the Family Resources

When you come from a home of divorce, making your own marriage work can be tougher than average. But, you can stop the cycle. In Breaking the Cycle of Divorce, author John Trent, an adult child of divorce himself, offers encouragement, insight and the tools to equip you to beat the odds. Learn to face your fears, make reasonable and realistic changes, and get the help you need to avoid becoming a negative statistic. You can have a marriage that’s strong-that thrives-and gives your own children a solid foundation for happily married lives.

70039: Blessing Your Husband Blessing Your Husband

By Debra Evans / Tyndale House

Incredible things happen when a wife chooses to make blessing her husband a priority. This inspiring book shares true stories, scriptural insights and innovative ideas to help you bring out the best in the man you married.

90710: The Two Sides of Love The Two Sides of Love

By Gary Smalley & John Trent, Ph.D. / Tyndale House

It’s reasonable to want your family to be close and loving, but that desire can be short-circuited by the two sides of love. Love can be too ”hard” (authoritarian, competitive, or insensitive) or too ”soft” (emotional or unwilling to confront). Smalley and Trent suggest that a tendency toward either extreme can be traced to your personality, formative events, and emotional boundaries. They explain how you can balance these factors to achieve true family intimacy. A Focus on the Family book. Paperback.

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