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The Value of Motherhood
Moms often struggle with the question, “Who am I?” as they spend their days investing in everyone else. This message will encourage you to see the true significance in a seemingly mundane job.

The Multiple Personality Mom
As women, we often experience a wide range of emotions on any given day. To our husbands and children–and even to ourselves–these mood changes can seem like multiple personalities. You may meet some of your “other selves” in this encouraging, allegorical podcast.

Giving Our Children to God
In this 15 minute mini-podcast Molly Evert encourages parents to release their children to serve the Lord, even though it may cost them dearly.

About Angela Sackett

Angela Sackett is wife to a tall guy with a goatee and mom to five arrows: four boys and a princess-girl in the middle. She is a home-educator and photographer and dabbles in television performance. She loves to cook, read, write, and occasionally get crafty. Most importantly, she's a daughter of the King who loves to dance in His presence.

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