Legacies We Cherish

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As I was cleaning the kitchen after my parents left to go back home from visiting with my family, I saw my dad’s deck of cards (he loves to play solitaire) on a side table I have in the kitchen. He must have forgotten to pack them. As I was about to put them away, I stopped myself. I felt such an overwhelming nostalgic feeling at that moment. I told myself, I miss him. I miss my dear dad.  I picked up the phone and called him to tell him once again what a wonderful time we had together and how much I love and miss him and mom.

My tall and handsome dad, who once was so intimidating and strong, now looks tired and frail. He spends most of his time contemplating life. I love that man! I love the history embedded in his wrinkles, the wisdom that oozes from his lips and his big arms that always made me feel so safe and warm. I still love to climb up in bed with my mom and dad and cuddle as we watch some Spanish Novela or the Spanish News. My dad never sends us away; there is nothing he loves more than to spend time with his girls and the grandkids. I’ve learned so much from him. He could lose his voice today and never be able to say I love you again, but I would still know he loves me.

This afternoon I went to a funeral with my husband. The man who passed away was the father of one of our church members. I didn’t know him, for he attended another church, but during the beautiful service I couldn’t help but thinking that I wish I had met him– he sounds a whole lot like my dad. He had four daughters, just like in my family, he loved God dearly and was crazy about his family and compassionate toward his fellowmen. They wrote in his casket: “Let my works speak for me.” I love it. We can live our lives talking about all the good we want to do, but it is our actions that will show the world who we really are. Those works will leave a mark from generation to generation and oh, the impact of a life well lived!

About Beba Schlottmann

Beba Schlottmann is an exuberant worshiper whose passion comes from a deeply-rooted relationship with Jesus Christ and a love for diverse styles of music and cultures. Moving to the states at age 12 from Puerto Rico, Beba graduated from West Coast Christian College in Fresno, CA. She is the president of Women on the Move, a ministry of the Lawrenceville Church of God. Beba also serves as a worship leader, teacher, interpreter and as a mentor. Beba's involvement in mission work has taken her to Europe, Central America and the Caribbean where she has served as a speaker, teacher, worship leader and interpreter. Beba's pride and joy are the men in her life, her husband Brian and their two boys, Matthew and Julian. She enjoys traveling, writing, reading, singing, and hosting international friends. Her not-so-secret indulgences include coffee and any flavor of Milka chocolate. You can visit her blog or Facebook profile to find out more about Beba.

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