Is It Time to Hit the Panic Button?

Is it Time to Hit the Panic Button?
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Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests (Luke 2:14 NIV).

It’s hard to believe how Christmas creeps up on us faster and faster as time goes by. Last year if our 16-year-old hadn’t pulled out the Christmas tree, we probably wouldn’t have had one. She began unpacking the decorations and her brother joined in. They played Christmas music as they hung the ornaments, garland and lights. It was starting to look a little more like Christmas at our house.

But then our 8-year-old son made a startling observation, “Mom, you know what we’re missing? Presents under the tree.” I had to laugh. It was true. We still had a lot of shopping to do.

The day before Christmas Eve, my husband and I raced to various stores. Late-start stress was quickly becoming overwhelming. There was heavy traffic, everyone pushing their way through, and picked-over shelves. Where’s the “easy-button” when you need one? All of a sudden, I found what looked like the next best thing — an essential oil blend coincidentally named “panic-button.” I opened the lid to see how it smelled. It was a blend of rose and naropli, with a floral scent. I applied some topically where my chest was getting tight and immediately noticed it was working. It lifted my mood and relieved my stress. (It’s amazing how the things God created can help when we feel like we’re in a mess.)

Even though the “panic-button” essential oil brought me some temporary physical peace, God gives us His Word to rule our hearts with His lasting peace. On the first Christmas when Christ was born, the angels proclaimed peace to all those who have favor from God. That’s not to just a favored few but to anyone who accepts Him as their Savior. He’s still proclaiming peace to every heart that needs Him, but He won’t force Himself on anyone.

Christmas can be a stressful time when we have the wrong focus or have never made a decision to let His heart rule over ours. His “panic-button” solution is available anytime. The hard part is admitting we can’t do it alone and handing it over to Him.  He brings us His comfort when we trust Him, knowing He takes care of those who are His own.

This Christmas we have access to a peace the world has never fully known. As we let His peace rule in our hearts, His light will be reflected in us. He holds the only “panic-button” we’ll ever need.

Is it Time to Hit the Panic Button?


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