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I love reading books, but I also find that great blog posts are medicine for the soul.  In an economy of words they provide a dose of inspiration or a shot of conviction and resolve.  For this reason, I try to take a few minutes every day to read a blog post or two.  If I waited until I found time to peruse blogs at length it probably wouldn’t happen, so I subscribe to a few of my favorite ones and receive them as emails in my inbox or as a news feed through Google Currents on my tablet.  Often as I am reading a blog or checking my Facebook feed I see links to other articles I would like to explore later.  Lest I get busy and forget, I keep a list of posts I want to read when I find the time.  About once a week I sit down with my list and catch up.  Here are a few posts which encouraged and inspired me this month:

Encouraged by….

In the post  Whose life is it anyway? Kelly Crawford @ Visionary Womanhood reminds us that nothing belongs to us…our families, possessions, and very lives are on loan to us from God.  As on any great blog, one link tends to lead to another, and I also found myself inspired by Bambi Moore’s post Hospitality and Homelife: A Forgotten Conduit to Ministry.  After reading that I wanted to check out Bambi’s blog In the Nursery of the Nation and found myself wiping away tears while reading her post You Have to Choose It.

I love reading anything Rachel Jankovic posts about Motherhood on the Desiring God blog.  Always challenging, always encouraging.  LOVE IT!  Here’s a sample:  Motherhood is Application [of the Gospel].

Challenged and inspired by…..

Am I putting too much of my kids out there on the internet?  Are they free to develop their own identities, or am I crafting an identity for them by “Oversharenting” (sharing too much).  This article about The Facebook Free Baby has an interesting and challenging perspective for my social networking-savvy generation.

Informed by….

My four boys are constantly hungry and sometimes it is hard to find snack inspiration.  I printed out Stacy Karen’s suggestions from her post 45 Real Food Snacks for Kids @ Keeper of the Home, and added some of the suggestions from the comments, too.  I’m also resolved to implement some of the steps  from Stephanie Langford’s post on the same blog, Cutting Down on Sugar: 21 Ways to Eat Less Sugar.

Tim Challies’ blog is always informative.  Every week he posts book reviews, an a la carte selection of articles from around the blogosphere, and his own musings on topics of the day.  He often covers happenings and news that affect the Christian community, from a pastor’s perspective.  His blog is very eclectic, with something different every day.

What I’m listening to…

My family recently spent a few profitable evenings working through Voddie Baucham’s sermons on Biblical Manhood and Biblical Womanhood. 

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