Date Night Ideas

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(An oldie, but goodie–we originally published this way back in 2006. The ideas are still as good today as they were then!)

*Frank and I like to go out for dessert in the evenings around 7 or 8 p.m. Going later cuts down on the cost for the whole evening. First of all, the whole family eats dinner together instead of two separate meals. We are fortunate that our children are older so there is no babysitter cost. If you don’t have this luxury, then going later and only being gone two hours instead of four to six hours is definitely cheaper. It is nice to get away for just this short time and really enjoy talking with each other. It is a relaxing and romantic time. ~ Jennifer Shannon

* We have found that with my love language being time with my husband, date night is essential. Since we are always too busy in the evenings, we resorted to date lunches. Once a week we both schedule a little extra time for lunch and either meet at a restaurant or at home if money is tight. The time is to go over schedules quickly at the beginning and then to just talk about us. It has been a marriage saver for us. ~ Joni Sandoval

* My husband and I have been working hard to save money for a nice family vacation this summer. So for our date nights we have been renting two movies: one for us and one for the kids. The kids are given a snack and a drink and told they may not interrupt Mommy and Daddy’s date night (unless someone’s bleeding). This way we save money on a babysitter and eating dinner out. We still get to relax and snuggle on the couch together. It’s inexpensive, practical, and we all enjoy the evening! ~ Bunnie Claxton

* Our wedding anniversary is the 28th (of September). Each month on the 28th we go on a date. If the date falls during the week, we simply go out to eat locally or get a movie to watch together after the children go to bed. If it falls on a weekend, we are wide open for any opportunity that comes up. We live pretty close to Atlanta, so we might go there for dinner and a movie or even spend the night sometimes. ~ Stephanie Pelt

* Everyone likes surprises now and then. Make a plan for the evening and, except for giving him the date and time, keep the rest a surprise. It could be anything from a show at a dinner theater or a sporting event that he would really enjoy. If the budget is tight, drive to a location in your past together to reminisce. The surprise element is the key. ~ Mary Brady

* When you have a hectic week, take a walk around the block. Talk, hold hands. Just spend time together to reconnect–you both deserve it! Another idea is to load your bikes on the car and take them to a nice bike path in town. Take a picnic lunch or stop at Starbucks for coffee, then peddle back to your car. ~Mardelle Morris

What are some of your favorite date night ideas?

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