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Crock-pot Homemade Vegetable Soup

I am currently fascinated with all meals cooked in a crock-pot. I purchased a lovely one at Wal-Mart before Christmas and have since used it multiple times making dishes that I once thought could only be made on the stove. I will share my famous …

About Emily Beth Davidson

Emily Davidson is a country girl from Mississippi in the big city of Fort Worth, Texas and loving life! Married in August 2014 to the man God hand-picked for her, she spends her days working in a corporate office, trying out new Paleo recipes, decorating and rearranging her 650 square foot apartment, Instagramming and completing her seminary degree at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. She and her Texan-husband spend Friday nights watching Redbox movies and Saturday’s antiquing. Follow her on Instagram @mrs.emilydavidson.