Cooking with Mushrooms

I didn’t always love mushrooms, but I do now.  I’m frequently buying fresh mushrooms, using what I can in salads, on pizza or on a crudités.  Leftovers are quickly dried and sit in a jar on my cabinet.  My children often throw a few into their Ramen noodles (as well as peppers, onions or other dried options).  The boiling water cooks them as it cooks the noodles.  I’m also happy to rehydrate a few and throw them on a pizza {Read More}

About Jan Nellis

Jan Nellis is a happily married mom of five children, three of whom are still at home. She spends her free time rediscovering the lost domestic arts with an emphasis on health issues. An avid quilter, crocheter, hand-spinner and cook, her desire is to rekindle the ways of her grandmothers, blessing her friends and family. She has spoken at women’s groups on forgiveness, following God's plan for your life and the joys of living with God. She currently blogs at