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Jesus, the Alpha and Omega

Jonathan Edwards (1703–1758) was a preacher/theologian/missionary to Native Americans involved in the shaping of the First Great Awakening. In a sermon on the Alpha and Omega, Edward’s words fit perfectly the message of the hymn Jesus, the Alpha and Omega, (Of the Father’s Love Begotten): …

About Patti M. Hummel

Patti M. Hummel was called to missions in a youth revival. She was married to the late Rev. Donald R. Hummel, Sr. Patti has certificates in Bible from Moody Bible College and Duncan Park Bible Institute. She served in Christian Children's Homes and as GA State Sales Manager for Zondervan Publishing House. After her husband died, she and her three small children spent seven years in the South Pacific as long-term missionaries. Patti is an author and compiler/ author of 18 books. She is an international speaker to Christian groups. She is currently President of The Benchmark Group LLC in Nashville ( and is the grateful mother of 3 adult children and 2 precious granddaughters with another grandchild due spring of 2010.