Kelly Stigliano

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Hi there! I’m Kelly J. Stigliano. My husband, Jerry and I enjoy life in Orange Park, FL. A blended family, we have five grown children, a son-in-law, and two granddaughters—none of whom lives in Florida!

I grew up in a small northeastern Ohio town. The realization that I was Yankee (non-Amish) came when I was eight years old. Our high school graduating class of 93 students was the largest ever at that time. Being a bored-with-life teenager, I got into plenty of trouble. Within a five-year period, I moved through the statistics of being a pregnant teenager, teen bride, abused spouse, and single mother.

I learned about Jesus as a child in Sunday school. I met Him personally as a broke and broken single mother of two sweet but rowdy preschoolers. As I learned more about Christ and His love, my compassion grew like the Grinch’s heart – bigger and bigger and bigger!

Growing in a new relationship with Jesus Christ, I had enough faith to enroll my daughter in Christian school. I wasn’t sure how I’d pay the tuition but knew that’s what the Lord wanted me to do, so I obeyed. That’s where I met Jerry, her handsome, single principal. Within two months, God moved on someone’s heart to give my daughter a scholarship. I was learning about God’s miraculous provision.

Jerry asked me out in November and we were married the following November. We had each been divorced, so getting married was another step of faith. All statistics say a second marriage like ours shouldn’t work, but I’m happy to report that we have celebrated nearly 30 wedding anniversaries!

God teaches me lessons and I write about them so, hopefully, we can all learn together. No one benefits when we wear masks, so I try to keep it real. I like to say that everyone has skeletons in their closets, just my closets have no doors on them!

To read some articles I’ve had published, explore the books I’ve contributed to, hear a dramatization of God’s story in my life from the “UNSHACKLED!” radio program, read about the topics I speak on most often, or see photos of my beautiful family, please visit my website,

Life is like a whitewater rafting ride. You never know what’s up ahead, but you know you’re not alone. So just hang on tight, let the spray of God’s goodness wash over you, and enjoy the ride!

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