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I’m a Canadian Christian woman who just happens to love living in the latitudinal centre of Canada (Steinbach) because in no other place have I seen such gorgeous skies. It also happens to be where my two married kids, two unmarried kids, and coming-soon-grandbabies live.

Some things I’m not fond of are bananas, shopping, and pulling weeds. But I love things like fair trade organic coffee, cooking ethnic dishes, writing, watching local junior hockey and designing a dream motorcycle online!

People are definitely my passion. This itself is a modern day miracle! God has transformed me from a shy, anxious, young lady who hated groups or “having to” be social with others and even telling others “I don’t like people”, into a woman whose whole purpose is to love people! God has grown a love in my heart for people that I never dreamed was possible.

Having moved 12 times in 20 years I learned to depend on God for stability, and people for connection. After being told for many years “you cannot trust people but you can trust God”, I’ve learned that I CAN trust people because I can trust God. Having been betrayed, lied to, manipulated and abused I can say with confidence that God’s beautiful grace and empowering to forgive and continue to love and invest in people is real.

The honest truth is I’m in the middle of a several year long messy divorce. My heart hurts some days so much I can hardly breathe. But more and more my days are filled with a passion to speak life to each person I encounter, to touch those who repulse others, to hold nothing back, even in the midst of the pain.

My home is a place of refuge and ministry. I share my home with those who need a place to call home. Currently a single mom and her two babes, a young man who has left the religion of his parentage to follow Jesus, and a few others. My passion really is people.

I’m an author (Married Mom, Solo Parent), speaker, writer, editor, mom, friend, mentor and as my day job … I sell cars!

So whether you are separated, single, married, divorced, young mom, grandma, homeschooler, empty nester, stay-at-home mom, entrepreneur or business woman … I want to encourage you. I’m with you! Just another woman walking this rough and weary road called Life. If we do it together we’re more likely to pull each other along so we can meet Jesus and hear Him say, “Well done.”

Please introduce yourself! I’d love to “meet” you!

Encouraged? Share this post...